Instagram Beauty Secret | Good Genes Lactic Acid Serum

When this image graced my Instagram feed, my eyes immediately fell on the bottle of Sunday Riley's Good Genes serum.  The only reason why I was even aware of this product is because Beauty Editor Ashley Weatherford mentioned it as the product that gives her skin an "instant glow."

Immediately, I scanned the comments to see what others had to say about the products in the image.  The first comment, left by @alxgaliero, really caught my attention.  "Adore Sunday Riley. Good Genes is a God send."  

That's quite a testimony. So I hopped over to her profile to see if her skin bore the fruits of this amazing product.

The girl's skin is amazing. But could it all be the  result of careful editing and deceitful filters?  Click on the video below and you'll see her skin in action.

Why would a person with beautiful, healthy skin need a product like Good Genes?  I mean, she looks like she was born with good genes herself.   I think the better question to ask is whether Good Genes contributed to the natural glow that both she and Ashley seem to have in common.  Since she referred to the serum as a "God send," one can only assume that it's had a tremendous impact on her skin.  I read a couple other reviews where people raved how they experience skin transformation within days (or after first use).

This product ain't cheap.  In fact, be prepared to invest just over $100.00 for 1 ounce of product. I gotta admit, I cringed a little at the price....actually I cringed a lot.  So I went hunting for a cost effective alternative.  Sadly, I couldn't find one. Apparently, there aren't that many lactic acid serums on the market.  Based on the reviews I've come across, this serum might be worth the investment.  Even the person who gave a mediocre review on Youtube said that she would still repurchase because she noticed the change in her skin after she stopped using it.   Someone else called it addictive!

They way I look at it, this product is the same as investing in 2-4 basic facial treatments. A single exfoliating treatment at a spa will easily go for more than $100.00.   I'd love to use Good Genes as part of my nightly facial regimen.  If I do purchase, I'll make sure to share my thoughts.

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Instagram Beauty Secret | Good Genes Lactic Acid Serum
Instagram Beauty Secret | Good Genes Lactic Acid Serum
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