Damaged Hair? Maybe you should try a Hair Botox Treatment.

As the weather gets hotter, the only I can properly wear my hair straight is to have it done professionally.  Whenever Marie straightens my hair, the results can last for weeks.  But I'd love to try an option that could last much longer.  Oh, and if the procedure could actually improve the condition of my hair, I'd be elated.

In the past,  the options available were Keratin straightening or Japanese straightening. Both are viable choices but there may be a new hair straightening system in town.  Well it's not actually new but I'm just hearing about it for the first time.  I'm talking about Hair Botox.  When I first heard the term, I was like "are they sticking needles in our hair now?"   But actually, Hair Botox is a procedure not unlike a Keratin Treatment but with a few minor differences.  The biggest difference Hair Botox proponents highlight is that it contains no formaldehyde or any of it's potentially dangerous derivatives.  One site stated that even though a Keratin treatment product claims to be formaldehyde free, it could contain ingredients like aldehyde or vanillin which could turn into an inhalable version of formaldehyde after coming in contact with heat from your blow dryer.  And lastly, the Hair Botox treatment leaves the hair softer and shinier than a typical Keratin Treatment.

Hair Botox, on the other hand, only boasts of amazing ingredients that rid the hair of damage you've accumulated over the years, brining it back to it's youthful self.  I mean, who wouldn't want to have your hair infused with caviar oil, vitamins B & E, a collagen complex and natural acids?  Another feature of this process is that it doesn't completely remove all the curls from the hair like Keratin Treatments and it's not permanent like Japanese straightening.

I've talked about healthy hair salon treatments in the past. But this is the first one that I seriously want to try for myself.  If I could get similar results as a fresh touch up without having to break the bonds of the hair.  And, if the Hair Botox process actually repairs the weak areas of my hair, it would save time and money on the back end.  Theoretically, I wouldn't have to invest as much on expensive hair repair products if my hair responded well to the treatment.  I also like the fact that it could leave a little texture in the hair which might mean that I can still rock braid and wave outs whenever the mood struck. They say the treatment lasts 2-4 months but I suspect those of us with tightly curled new growth may need more frequent touch ups.  But, if the claims of Hair Botox being completely healthy for the hair are true, redoing the treatment every 6 six weeks or so isn't out of the question since it doesn't damage the hair.

Then I got to thinking, "is there a version of this product that one can do in the comfort of their own home?" The answer is yes.  L'Oreal has a line called Fiberceutic Hair Filling treatment. I've been eyeing these products for ages although I had to knowledge of the Hair Botox process.  But now that my eyes have been opened, I'm looking at these products with even more lust.  Thank God L'Oreal makes affordable, at home, versions of the treatment. really want my first experience to be a professional level product.  It does appear that Amazon does carry some professional level hair botox products (judging by the prices).  

I'm sold. I definitely want to try this to help tame summer frizz.   Even if it doesn't really straighten that well, I'm still very excited about it's hair restorative potential.  Who knows, maybe this could help me reduce (or eliminate) the number of times I relax per year.    If anyone has experienced this treatment, let us know what you thought of it.

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Damaged Hair? Maybe you should try a Hair Botox Treatment.
Damaged Hair?  Maybe you should try a Hair Botox Treatment.
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