Style Obession | Dressed in Denim

If I could fill my entire closet with only one type of outfit, it would be the denim dress.  I've owned nearly a dozen denim dresses over my life. Each one unique and special in their own perfect way.  A dress made of denim gives you the same casual, comfortable feel as your favorite pair of jeans but with a feminine feel.  Jeans are fun, but essentially, they're just a pair of pants.

The denim dress however, can quickly go from ultra casual loungewear to a fabulous, night out dress.  Just as Rihanna who recently attended an event wearing a tailored dark denim a-line dress. Notice how easily the dress accentuates her crimson nails and printed chain bag.  If you love to showcase colorful accessories, the denim dress provides the perfect backdrop.

I've already picked up a couple of denim dresses to wear during this summer. Now, I'm inspired to grab a dark denim structured dress thanks to Rihanna.  Dark denim is perfect because it pairs well with gold or silver jewelry.  I think the best think about a dress made of denim is that it's pretty timeless.  Heck, I was wearing a jean dress when I met my husband 10 years ago.  A dress that can be worn for over a decade is a fashion staple that everyone should have one their closet.
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Style Obession | Dressed in Denim
Style Obession | Dressed in Denim
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