The 10 (Unbreakable) Laws of Always Looking Polished

I love discussing self-care. From mental & personal development to fitness, health and beauty.  Today, let's explore the topic of looking polished.  My definition of looking polished doesn't mean being glammed up 24/7.  It's more about paying attention to the details.  When you're out in public places, you might be able to spot the difference between those who got ready and those who take pride in themselves.  Let's discuss the little things that demonstrate pride in our personal appearance.

Law #1 Nails Must Be Cared For
I chose to list nails first because nails are a small thing that make a big difference.  Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who happened to happened to glance at your nails (or toes) and show a slight look of disappointment?  I have.  For some reason, unkept nails are a huge turnoff. They are literally the tell tale sign of "I don't take care of myself."  "I allow my polish to chip beyond recognition, my fingernails to look uneven and I allow a little dirt under the fingernails.....and I do nothing about it."  Unkept nails are the exact opposite of looking polished! On the flip side, you can see a girl wearing the most casual of clothes.  But then you notice her well cared for hands (and feet) and you think to yourself, "she cares about the little details."  We've already discussed the power of staying on top of your nail care regimen.  It literally can change your life.

Law #2 Skin Like (Cocoa) Butter 
Skin is one of those things that people use to judge us.  It tells people how old we are and it represents how well we care for ourselves.  People who suffer from acne are stereotyped as not taking care of their skin.  Back in the day, when I suffered from cystic acne, people would subconsciously scratch/or touch the area of their face where I had a break out.  It was as if my pimples were bothering them.  It was a distraction, plain and simple.  That's why I made it my mission to have the most flawless skin possible!  I'm not there yet, but I'm working hard towards my end goal.   The journey for perfect skin never ends!  We must be diligent to constantly improve. If you can't remember the last time someone complimented you on your skin (face or body), there's still work to do.

Law #3 Moisturize Your Situation
The fastest way to look unpolished is to show physical signs of dryness. Dry cuticles, dry lips, dry hands, feet, dry anything will say to yourself and others. "I don't care about how I look."    In nature, dryness is a sign of death.  Nothing grows in the desert.  But the amazon, which receives ample amounts of precipitation, is the mecca of abundant wildlife and exotic vegetation.  Never, ever demonstrate outward signs of dryness.  I have to admit that I'm guilty of violating this law in the past.  And believe me, people notice.  One action I've taken to tackle this issue head on is to drink water like I mean it.  When the body is well hydrated, it shows.

 During my personal, drink your water challenge, I suddenly noticed that others around me had dry skin due to their lack of water intake.  It's obvious once you know what to look for.  I'd even ask some of my co-workers, "how much water do you drink?"  They'd say something like..."not much....why?"  "Cause I can see the scales of your skin."  Next time I saw him/her, there'd be a huge bottle of water in hand. #DroppinTruthBombsOnEverybody

Law #4 Your Best Hair Ever
Once upon a time, I'd visit the hair salon to get it straightened.  What would happen afterwards had me baffled.  Suddenly people start treating me different. The attention I received from just changing my hair was a bit puzzling but it taught me how much of an affect our hair has on the way we look and feel.  I rarely do anything fancy with my hair anymore which really takes away from my goal of looking polished.   Since I'm not a fan of regular salon visits, I have to come up with a different strategy.  First, never allow my hair to look dry. Second, I need to catch up on my micro-trimming schedule Third find some every day, low maintenance styles that still demonstrate pride in my personal appearance.  I'm collecting some inspiration pics that I'll share in a separate post.

Law#5 Brows Beat
One skill to learn before the end of the year is to learn how to perfect your brow routine.  The brows frame the face and set the foundation for everything else you do.  Perfect brows are one of those things that make you look amazing even if you're one of those people who doesn't like to wear much makeup.  Just cleaning them up and having the ability to fill & create the perfect natural arch will do wonders for helping your look completely polished.

Law #6 Luscious Lips
We have beautiful, full lips.  But sometimes we miss the opportunity to adorn them.  When I'm out in public, I notice that many women choose not to do anything with their lips.  Especially women with fuller lips.  But I'm here to say, that mastering your daily lip look will greatly enhance how polished you appear.  Even if you wear a simple moisturizer on them, that's ok, just don't let them go naked.

Law # 7 "Girl, you smell gooooood."
One of my beloved fragrances Flowerbomb
Your scent is one of the most powerful way to leave a positive impression on others.  As part of your signature style, you should have a go-to fragrance that your absolutely love! Bonus points if that fragrance evokes a positive response from others.  I invite you to also wear fragrance when you're at home, even if you have no where to go, as part of your personal feel good routine.

Law #8 Styled to the nines.
We've talked at length about the wonders of dressing your best.  We've even established the importance of looking presentable even when you're loungin' at home.  I'm not saying you've got to spend a lot of money on clothes.  Just be strategic about it. Plan ahead to save time and create well thought out looks.  Leverage outerwear to elevate your outfit looks. Pair with the perfect shoes and you're good to go.

Law #9 Accessorize!
If you're one of those people who like to dress down, accessories are your friend.  The great thing about accessories is that they range from chunky, bold statement pieces to minimalist items that enhance your current look.  You don't have to go overboard if you don't want to you.  I present to you Exhibit A:  Miss Jennifer Lopez looking extremely put together in the most basic of attire. Notice her strategic use of accessories (earrings, cuff bracelet, shades, pinky ring)  to compliment her look.  Oh, and did you notice her nails?

Law #10 Shine! Shine! Shine!
Lastly, ladies, I urge you to incorporate shine, in one form or another.  What do I mean when I say shine?  You decide.  This could mean adding a little lip gloss. Shine could be having glowing skin that beautifully reflects light.  Shine could be those sparkly earrings that compliment your casual looks. Shine can also mean having highly moisturized hair.  Shine might be the light reflecting eyeshadow that you wear on the inner corners of your eyes.  Something on you should shine, or catch someone's eye.   Shine is buffing scuff marks from your shoes prior to wearing them out.  Everyday, before you walk out that door, ask yourself, what is it about me that shines?  If you don't have an answer, then resolve it.


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The 10 (Unbreakable) Laws of Always Looking Polished
The 10 (Unbreakable) Laws of Always Looking Polished
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